Interior and exterior security managed 24/7 by permanently assigned staff of Wackenhut guard

Zoned access throughout Data Center

» Biometric hand scanner requires ID card access and hand geometry measurements

» Customer IDC access and contacts managed via Siebel

» Current government-issued picture ID required

» ID badge and biometric hand scan to man trap with badge reader

» Second hand scans to gain access to raised floor Biometric scanner captures 3D measurements of hand

Security cameras

» Multiple 360 degree cameras with 10x zoom

» More than 100 fixed cameras

» High speed recorders with DV cassette tapes

» Hard drives to eliminate down time for tape swaps and over recording

» Minimum 30 day tape storage Generator power * Backup power

» Multiple CAT Diesel 20 megawatt generators

Minimum 24 hour fuel storage

» Agreements with two major carriers to provide additional diesel fuel

» Generators assumes building load within 20 seconds

» Generators are tested on weekly basis under load

» Tanks are kept at least 80% full at all times

Two utility feeds from independent substations

» Diverse paths to the building

» Feeds to building are encased in concrete

» Fed from two independent substations

» Separate transformers fed from both utility sources for redundancy

HVAC chiller systems

» Hosting space HVAC system includes (16) AHUs and (16) ACCUs manufactured by Trane

» AHUs are DX type and located in the mechanical mezzanine; the ACCUs are located on the roof

» There is adequate capacity to withstand a HVAC unit failure or an entire bus failure

Cooling is provided by both overhead and under floor air

» HVAC systems have wetted media fo r humidification, VFDs for each supply fan, exhaust fans to

control building pressure, and economizers to utilize cool outside air

» Separate Dectron outside air handling units provide conditioned air for the hosting space

» UPS Room cooling is provided by Trane RTUs in a N+1 configuration

» Node room cooling is provided by Liebert DX CRAC units in a N+1 configuration

Network facilities - Main Node Room

» Multiple fiber providers for diversity - provides diversity and redundancy

» Each vendor can deliver additional bandwidth capacity with minimal turn-around time

» Can be delivered using existing ‘lit’ fiber

» Fiber pathways into the Data Center are truly diverse

» Fiber enters building in steel conduit from multiple points in the building